5 Reasons Why Your Hotel Should Be on Pinterest


With over 72 million passionate and engaged users, image-sharing site Pinterest is one of the web’s busiest and most popular social media. All the leading hotel brands are sharing images of their properties there, and your property should be active on Pinterest too. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to sign up and start Pinning today…

  1. It’s hugely popular with women

85% of Pinterest users are female. Of regular female internet users in the US, 42% have a Pinterest account. And 94% of all activity on Pinterest is undertaken by women. Why is this important? Because when it comes to booking holidays, women are the decision makers – research suggests that at least 70% of travel decisions are made by women, and when you include online travel purchases, that figure rises to an incredible 92%!

  1. Travel is one of the most popular Pinterest topics

Pinterest may have a reputation for being heavy on fashion, food and cute kittens, but travel is one of its biggest topics – there are over a BILLION travel pins on Pinterest, across 4 million boards representing over 300 destinations. A lot of people use Pinterest to do their initial trip research.

  1. Its reach is rapidly expanding

Whilst Pinterest may have originally been a US-centric site, that is no longer the case. In 2014, the number of non-US Pinterest users grew by 135%, and non-US users now constitute 40% of the total.

  1. It influences buyers

Pinterest isn’t just about sharing images – it’s also an online shop window. Almost half of US online shoppers say they have bought a product or service after seeing a Pinterest recommendation, and Pinterest’s share of global e-commerce social sharing is 44%. Even more impressively, Pinterest drives far more e-commerce referral traffic than Youtube, LinkedIn or Google+.

  1. Your competitors are already there

Most of the leading hotel groups are already using Pinterest to share images of their properties and the destinations in which they are located, as are the OTAs and other accommodation sites – AirBnB is one of the most popular travel brands on Pinterest.


So millions of travel decision makers all over the world, looking at billions of pieces of influential travel content, a lot of it provided by your competitors. If you’re not already on Pinterest, you need to sign up today!

Not sure how to use Pinterest to promote your hotel? We have experience of creating and managing successful Pinterest accounts for travel and hospitality brands. Contact us to discuss how we can help you exploit this powerful tool!

Thanks to DMR for the statistics



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