Are you reaching the lucrative Connected Traveller?


There’s a growing subset of Connected Travelers, or travelers who have used their smartphone to plan or book travel. And reaching these Connected Travelers is a big opportunity for travel and hospitality businesses.

In fact, our TripBarometer Connected Traveler report shows that more and more travelers are planning and booking travel on their mobile. Findings from TripBarometer, the world’s largest accommodation and traveler survey1, show that smartphones are now an essential travel companion. How prevalent is mobile usage for planning and enjoying travel?

Travelers booking via mobile apps has doubled since last year.
In 2014, 4% of TripBarometer respondents booked an accommodation using a mobile app. This year, it’s doubled to 8%. And for the Connected Traveler segment, that rises to 11%.

Booking lodging on mobile is becoming more habitual.
1 in 4 Connected Travelers who book their accommodation through a mobile app say they do so routinely. 1 in 5 say they booked through a mobile app because of the ease and speed. And 3 out of 10 did so because they felt they got a better price.

Booking travel activities is especially popular on mobile.
And it’s not limited to last minute, what’s nearby booking either. 45% of Connected Travelers use their smartphone to book travel activities pre-trip.

Travelers are big into using their mobile during their trips.
The lucrative Connected Travelers segment is especially engaged on mobile while on holiday:

Getting directions/using maps

  • Connected Travelers: 81%
  • Global travelers: 67%

Looking for restaurants

  • Connected Travelers: 72%
  • Global travelers: 56%

Looking for activities

  • Connected Travelers: 67%
  • Global travelers: 51%

Reading reviews

  • Connected Travelers: 64%
  • Global travelers: 47%

Looking for an accommodation

  • Connected Travelers: 50%
  • Global travelers: 36%

Accommodations are enabling convenient bookings.
Accessibility is on the rise for travelers, thanks to a growing number of accommodations that accept digital bookings. 73% of accommodations worldwide accept online bookings, while 55% accept mobile bookings.

There’s room for improvement with mobile check-in.
34% of the smartphone-loving Connected Travelers audience wants a mobile check-in option. Yet only 11% of lodgings offer this option that saves time for both guests and front desk staff.

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