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Amadeus is urging travel firms to “embrace big data” to improve customer care, while increasing efficiency and revenues.

It outlines its case in a report, Defining the future of travel through intelligence, which uses case studies from Qantas and Avianca Brasil.

The airlines used data analytics, supported by Amadeus Travel Intelligence, to “optimise operations and become more customer-centric”.

Qantas reduced the number of flights that would have been reported as late by 60% using Amadeus Schedule Recovery, while Avianca Brasil has been able to centralise information and make better informed business decisions.

Pascal Clement, head of travel intelligence at Amadeus IT Group, said: “The companies that are more likely to succeed in the future travel industry will be those that embrace big data and experimentation.

“They’ll try out new ideas and approaches to increase their operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience – and benefit from new revenues and increased loyalty.

“This paper explores both what can be done today, and how travel companies can best prepare themselves for the future.”

Amadeus has seen two trends emerge over the past 10 years: the exponential rise of data and information, along with the increasing scale of computing power and storage capability.

The discussion paper outlines how companies can harness “big data” and get a “360-degree view” of the traveller.

Actions by travellers create data – from the time they make an air booking or search for a timetable online, to their hotel check-in.

This information, picked up from hundreds of points across the travel network, presents a “valuable opportunity for travel companies to provide better-individualised services to the traveller”.

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