INFOGRAPHIC: 2016’s Biggest Travel Technology Investors


Startup tracker CBInsights reckons some $2.5 billion in close to 200 investments have been made in travel tech during 2016.

But who are the organisations that are leading this continued financial support for the sector?

Well, the good news for those who bemoan the Silicon Valley/US-centric nature of startup funding is that four of the top 11 venture capital firms in travel are now based outside of the US:

  • Index Ventures (UK)
  • Caixa Capital Risc (Spain)
  • Blume Ventures (India)
  • Gobi Partners (China)

CBInsights measured the investment activity of the main VCs around the world since 2012 and found that 500 Startups topped the list, with its $30 million in tours and activities service Zozi the biggest of the 15 rounds it has put into the sector.

Interestingly, according to CBInsights, there are only two companies that have achieved the hallowed “unicorn” status (valued at over $1 billion): Airbnb and Decolar.

The service deliberately missed out ride-hailing and other ground transportation startups from the analysis.

If included, it is perfectly possible that Asia-Pacific based VCs would have featured more in the overall run-down.

Here is the infographic (click image or here for a larger version):


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