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Thai beachgoers would rather postpone a holiday if they are not in good shape, according to® 2016 Flip Flop Report.

They are also the lowest spenders on beach holidays, worldwide, according to the survey.

The annual study highlights the behaviour and preferences among beachgoers, worldwide, but are also broken down into national studies.

inside no 2Released earlier in October, the 2016 Thailand Flip Flop Report is based on an online survey of 310 Thai respondents, (51% female) carried out 6 to 21 April.

The survey indicated that Thai vacationers are top beachgoers in terms of volume when compared with the 24 countries polled, with 82% having been on a beach holiday in the last 12 months.

A further 85% of Thais have indicated that they are now planning another break.

However, Thai travellers love being in good shape before heading off on their vacation, with 32% confessing that they would postpone a trip if they were not entirely beach-ready.

56% of them share snippets of their trips on social media applications such as Snapchat and Instagram.

Also, 71% of respondents highlighted the importance of safe beaches followed by cleanliness (61%) and good weather (45%) the latter a huge factor when it comes to selecting a destination.

66% of Thais also prefer beaches that are quieter and away from urban centres.

79% of interviewers said they travel with their families.

58% visit beach destinations in the country and prefer  to stay at a family-friendly resort.

During vacation, 73% take long walks along the beach to enjoy the scenery and 57% spend their time swimming at the beach.

52% would shop for souvenirs and 49% enjoy a siesta while on holiday.

The respondents picked theft (32%), strong currents/drowning (19%), and getting sunburnt (16%) as their top worries.

Overall, Thais are likely to spend an average of THB2,822 to get themselves ready before a vacation, with 56% opting to shop for new beachwear, while 38% would hit the gym to get in shape.

Thais spend on average of THB50,272 on their beach holidays, which is the lowest amount globally according to the report.

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