Infographic: The State of Travel Marketing 2015


Content marketing specialists JBH have just published this fascinating infographic about the state of travel marketing in 2015, looking at travel spending, traveller behaviour, key travel marketing channels, and the latest travel trends.

It’s all interesting stuff but for me a few things stand out:

  • China is now the world’s biggest tourism spender – Chinese travellers spent $165bn in 2014. It’s a somewhat controversial market – especially here in Thailand, where the behaviour of Chinese tourists often raises local hackles – but it’s increasingly impossible to ignore.
  • is the world’s most popular travel site, with an industry share of 5.67% – rising to 20.45% if you only consider hotel & accommodation sites. Hotels love to hate OTAs but they’re an essential sales channel.
  • 46% of travellers still value word-of-mouth recommendations over any other, with 29% relying on review sites and 22% on social media. What all three channels have in common is that, to succeed, you need to delight your guests so much that they’ll spread the word, online and off.
  • Travel bloggers may try to use their supposed influence to get free trips and hotel stays, but only 3% of travellers use them for pre-trip planning.
  • Online booking on mobile devices is growing at a faster rate – 20% – than on desktop – 2%. If you don’t have a mobile site yet, you need one ASAP!
  • There may be a lot of talk about digital detoxing, but 74% of travellers rate in-room WiFi as the biggest influence on their hotel booking decision. And with the growth of social WiFi and keyless entry, getting WiFi right is vital for hoteliers.

Those are my takeaways from the infographic – have a look below to find yours!

state of travel marketing 2015




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