Instagram Shopping: A Fantastic Opportunity for Travel Businesses


Instagram will eventually find a way for businesses to tie purchases to Instagram posts. And according to Tnooz, it’s “an exciting reflection to the travel industry.”

Robert Dawson, vice president of digital marketing and web development at Sabre Hospitality Solutions describes this viewpoint with travel describing the industry as compelling and shareable which are two key qualities as a marker.

Similarly to Pinterest, Instagram is becoming a way to “merchandise products visually in a way which can encourage conversion.” This has a lot to do with the visual aspect, or photography aspect that these social media aspects bring.

“Statistically, we have seen that better and more relevant photography can increase bookings by 5 to 8%. Instagram extends the value of these digital assets and makes them ever more important for the hotelier.”

Warby Parker from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.

Warby Parker shows in this Vimeo that users can scroll through the pictures to see what products can be purchased. This is more retail driven, but one of the features of adding text can be used in any aspect of business.

The article highlights two key elements from compelling commerce:

1. When composing Instagram shots, consider how each element might fit into the new commerce.
2. New revenue opportunities arise from the integration of commerce into Instagram’s user experience.

The shareable moments feature is highlighted too with the Instagram stories feature. This means Instagram can now become a portion of a consumer’s interest phase.

Instagram Shopping is a lucrative and innovative business for all aspects of social media. It’s nice to know it doesn’t stop at retail ventures, but for travel and other sites as well.

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