MEET & GREET: Madhu Madhusudhanan, Founder & CEO, Proxce


Last year we partnered with an exciting Silicon Valley startup called Proxce, who make identity management solutions for the hotel industry, which allow hotels to offer mobile check-in and keyless entry to their guests. To find out more about the company’s award-winning technology, we had a chat with Founder & CEO Madhu Madhusudhanan…

Mobile check-in/keyless entry is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the US. Out of the various solutions on the market, what makes Proxce different/special?

Proxce is the only identity management solution for the real world. Mobile check-in and keyless entry is just a feature of what we are doing. We really focus more on security and associating an ID with an individual and then adding value. We also provide ID relationship management where we can tell when you enter a location and grant you access to different areas based on who you are—be you a guest or an employee.

I would say that our core differentiator is our SDK-based systems. None of the data is stored with Proxce. All the information remains with the hotels, which is extremely important in terms of security—especially in today’s world of data breaches security has been thrust to the fore front of a IT manager’s priority list.



What type of property is best suited to Proxce? What type of guest likes to use it?

Four to five star hotel chains and boutique hotels with high business traveler traffic are best suited to Proxce. We believe that business travelers will use mobile check-in and keyless entry the most, however we can’t discount the leisure travelers because no one likes to wait in line.

How many hotels are already using Proxce? Any success stories to share with us?

We’re particularly proud of the work that we are doing with a luxury hotel chain in Dubai. As soon as it is live, I can share more details. However, it showcases the flexibility and creativity of the Proximity Identity Manager in one of the most luxurious settings in the world.

Your beacon technology can be used for more than just checking in. What other uses can hotels make of it?

Beyond check-in, the Proxce Proximity Identity Manager can be used in restaurants, bars, gyms—the possibilities of this technology are endless. For example, a guest can walk by a bar and be sent a notification of the daily specials.  They can also be at any location in a hotel and order from a restaurant on the property and have a meal brought right to them.  Proxce allows for the guest to own the on property experience from check-in to check-out and everything in between.

Hotel employees will also be able to know a guest’s name and their preferences right when they are standing in front of them. This helps hotels build a highly personal experience with each customer, which in turn, builds loyalty.

When talking to hotels in Asia about mobile check-in, they sometimes tell us it can’t be done due to local regulations about passports being shown on check-in. How do you deal with such narrow-minded objections? 

We have come across similar challenges on current projects and it is something that we can successfully address with some workarounds until local laws catch up with technology. 

ProxceWhat other challenges have you encountered in launching what is, for most hotels, a solution that is ahead of the curve, and desirable without being essential? 

This isn’t really a solution that is so far ahead of the curve as one might believe. Mobile check-in and keyless entry are coming. In fact, it is already here. We believe that modern travelers are changing as evidenced by their preference for using Uber over a traditional cab. Therefore, having a seamless experience in a hotel will definitely appeal to hotel customers of any age.




Can you share any future Proxce plans/projects with us?

Our goal is to offer completely SDK and API-based solutions and eventually become more like a VISA or a MasterCard that basically facilitate the transactions. At some point, we want to get out of the front-end business and want our technology to be embedded into existing apps and systems.

And finally, what advice would you give to anyone with a good hospitality/travel startup idea? What does the future hold for travel startups?

Being an entrepreneur myself, I would encourage anyone that has a great idea that they believe in to go after their dreams. Travel startups have a great opportunity to disrupt and innovate in the travel industry and take part in shaping the future of this industry.  A good idea that can help solve a problem that has plagued the industry will get industry leaders to perk up and listen.


Representasia is Proxce’s sales & marketing partner for Southeast Asia. To find out more about Proxce’s identity management solutions, visit or email Tim Russell on


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