Move along, Twitter – Facebook will be the future of customer service in travel


Shubhodeep Pal, vice president for products and operations at Simpliflying, explains why he thinks the future of travel customer service belongs to Facebook…

Sorry, Twitter lovers – It’s time to upend some common assumptions.

We’ve known for a while that airlines are one of the Top 3 most socially responsive “industries” on social media.

That certainly is still true.

A bigger myth that has been perpetuated over the last few years, is that Twitter is most suited to this goal.

The trouble with Twitter

Those who’ve followed the evolution of social customer service are certainly correct in their understanding that Twitter is well-suited to it:

  • it reduces clutter better than Facebook, enabling one-to-one interactions with brands
  • it’s real-time and allows tracking of events better
  • it allows easy switching between public and DM (Direct Message) modes;
  • its introduction of hashtags introduced a novel way of tracking real-time, subject-specific conversations.

It seems, however, that Twitter has been caught out on three counts:

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