Slideshow: 18 Ways to Fill Your Hotel


“How can I get more hotel bookings and increase revenue?”

Every hotelier must answer this question to keep his business alive. Today’s digital landscape is absolutely filled with opportunities to make an impression on potential guests and fill your hotel. Your website, gallery pages, display ads, pay-for-play social media, retargeting ads, email marketing, contests… the list goes on. However, not all of these will work all the time. Also, not all of them will work for every hotelier.

How do you decide where to focus your efforts to fill your hotel? And how do you optimise the elements you choose to invest your time and money in?
The challenge becomes even greater when you’re immersed in managing the day-to-day operations of your hotel. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees, sometimes – or, for a more appropriate metaphor, it’s hard to see the battlefield when you’re busy in the trenches.
This presentation will briefly lift you out of the trenches by providing you with 18 tips that’ll help you get more bookings and boost your hotel revenue.
Take a look, and discover a) some of the best places to focus your efforts, and b) how to create the best possible digital experience for your potential guests and reel in those bookings.
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