Southeast Asia’s top 34 startup investment firms


At some point, people in the tech game realize that secrets sell. We at Tech in Asia know this better than most. Folks from out of town are always popping by our office and buying rounds of coffee in hopes of discovering something they didn’t already know about Southeast Asia’s startup scene. In our coffee chatter, we’re usually just spouting off information from the top of our heads – and that’s an imperfect way of doing things. It’s nowhere near as helpful as a simple list.

But now, we’d like to open our secrets vault for you. We thought we might spare you the trip, and save your wallet the latte money, by making an up-to-date catalogue of active investors in Southeast Asia, organized by number of deals.

The list was derived from Tech in Asia’s database. All the data — the top funding stages, typical investment range, startups they’ve recently backed, and the countries they’re active in — pertain to Southeast Asia only.

Please take a look, and see if you still need to connect with one of these players in your market of interest.

See the full list at


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