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A new Priceline survey revealed travellers’ desire for technology to transform how they experience the world, and highlights travel trends and advances in technology they are seeking.

Key findings include:

Advances in Technology:

– Paper and people free in 10 years?: Results revealed that 61 percent of Americans believe printing out paper copies of travel documents will be obsolete in 10 years, while 50 percent said asking a stranger for directions would be a thing of the past.

– Seamless experience and artificial intelligence (AI): When considering a trip, 54 percent expressed a desire for a single integrated app encompassing planning, booking and ticketing across all modes of transportation, and 40 percent want a virtual assistant that automatically makes recommendations based on interest.

– Mixed reviews on “black-hole trips”: As a testament to reliance on mobile, nearly 59 percent of respondents said that lack of access to cellular or internet connection would make them unwilling to visit a destination.

“We believe that people are looking for functional advances with technology in order to support their travel experiences, rather than redefining what travel actually is,” said Pepijn Rijvers, CMO of “These survey figures validate our hypothesis, and are in line with our approach to using technology to enhance our customer experience.”

Millennial Travel Trends:

– Virtual reality for the “pre-experience”: Imagine your feet in the sand but from the couch. Almost half of millennials would use a virtual reality headset to preview a destination they are planning to travel to.

– Mobile as key to spontaneity: 89 percent of millennials indicated that mobile technology has made them more likely to book activities or excursions during a trip as opposed to in advance, compared to 72 percent of all respondents.

– Meals worth going cross-country for: Nearly a third (32 percent) of millennials indicated that they would travel more than a thousand miles for the best meal of their life.

“As technology continues to progress, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in how and what our customers demand when it comes to experiencing the world,” said Leslie Cafferty, Vice President, Global Communications for the Priceline Group. “This survey echoes these sentiments and indicates where the market is moving in terms of product and customer expectations.”

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