Travellers Prefer Mobile Booking: Infographic


Is mobile search and booking really at the point where consumers prefer it to a tablet or desktop device? It appears so.

Or at least that’s what Opera Mediaworks claims it found in a survey of American travellers this year.

Some 51% of those in the survey said they preferred a mobile device as their digital platform of choice.

Remarkably, 66% said they also preferred the mobile device for when are at the research phase of a trip.

This isn’t just how they search or book – this is what they actually PREFER to do.

So, what else did the study of 1,000 consumers discover?

  • Some 45% said they rely on branded mobile applications (TripAdvisor for research, for example).
  • One in four said email marketing would initiate a booking, whilst almost a third claimed an ad with a special offer would trigger the same reaction.

Opera says:

“Many advertisers still believe the myth that consumers only turn to their mobile devices for research, searching for related terms or browsing travel apps for ideas of where to go, where to stay and what to do when they get there.

“But when it comes to converting (i.e., booking flights, hotels) they are still hesitant. Travel-related brands must start taking advantage of this shift in mentality by focusing their KPIs more on conversion than awareness and engagement.”

Some of the other findings are on this infographic (click image or here for a larger version):

opera CROP


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