Where is the Market for Travel Metasearch in Asia?


Report from Eye for Travel

In Asian markets like China, India and Japan online travel – and that includes flight and hotel metasearch – is established, flourishing and mirrors global trends.

Unsurprisingly all these markets have proved attractive for global metasearch firms. UK-based Skyscanner is just one and by 2012 it had established a presence in China through a partnership with search engine Baidu. Later, in 2014, it acquired another – Youbibi, proving that local partnerships are an essential ingredient.

We spoke to leading travel brands to learn from them what offers them a boost in Asia…

Here’s what we learnt:

  • There is a lot of room for growth in South East Asia where a lot of the bookings are still being taken by traditional methods
  • We also learnt that low cost carriers have a strong brand presence in Asia and metasearch’s need to work to capture a loyal audience here

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Tim is one of representasia’s co-founders and the company’s CMO. He has been in the tourism industry since 1992 and has worked in Paris, London, Saigon & Bangkok. He has a strong background in operations, technology, sales & marketing. Representasia is his second business venture, following his founding of a successful Vietnam DMC in 2009.

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